All-natural alternatives to Aluminum in Deodorants

More and more consumers are concerned aluminum in deodorants. Aluminum salts have been used for decades as an antiperspirant. Recent studies especially from England suggest that the aluminumsalts could cause breast cancer particularly when applied straight after shaving the arm pits.

L Occitane Deo StickSo far there is no scientific prove that these claims are true but the public discussion in the media has made consumers aware of the issue and more and more cosmetic companies offer aluminumfree alternatives. Especially the products of the all-natural and organic brands such as Yves Rocher, L’Occitane, Logona and Real Purity become more and more popular especially now that they have discovered formulas based on natural ingredients that reduce sweat and odor.

The consumers are questioning what ingredients are in their cosmetic products. While the conventional manufacturers rely on artificially-produced chemical agents, natural cosmetics brands are developing plant-based alternatives.

Not too long ago, the effectiveness of natural cosmetics deodorant was neither persistent nor safe. They only covered the odor for a few hours. However, this has changed in recent years. Clever combinations of natural ingredients can now compete with their conventional competitors.

What natural ingredients are used by the natural cosmetics manufacturers?

Triethyl Citrate, a Citric acid esters of vegetable alcohol and citric acid lowers the pH of the skin. Bacteria no longer feel comfortable and disappear. Conventional deodorants, on the other hand, often use triclosan, which is suspected to lead to antibiotic resistance.

Since the skin is easily irritated by the alcohol alternatives like Aloe Vera, natural glycerin, calendula, witch hazel, sage or beet extracts soothe the skin.

Sage, licorice root, pomegranate water and witch hazel also have a slightly astringent effect. This means that the skin pores tighten up a little, without clogging them. That reduces the flow of sweat.

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